About Us

By Resolution No. 13-14

Designated the Truly 150 Committee as the official City Committee to organize, promote and celebrate Lee’s Summit’s 150th Birthday, also known as a Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2015.

Committee Members:

Creative Subcommittee Members (Committee completed tasks):
Gina Seibel, James Wright, Phyllis Balagna, Christine Bushyhead, Kathy Smith, Rick Viar

Special Events Subcommittee Members:
Jon Ellis, Denise Chisum, John Wisniewski, Lawrence Pressley, Trisha Drape, Jennifer Gamble, Ben Martin, Kathy Smith, Phyllis Balagna, Diane Forte, Kent Kirby, Rob Lund

Logistics/Volunteer Subcommittee Members:
Vicky Cundiff, Stephen Arbo, Art Davis, Carol Baker, Nick Edwards

Marketing Subcommittee Members:
John Beaudon, Gina Seibel, Kelli Welch, Nancy Bruns, Darla Hall, Sarah Shore

Budget and Finance Subcommittee Members:
Gary Fruits, Bud Hertzog, Daren Fristoe, Jarad Falk, Art Davis, Bob Glaser

Steering Committee Members (Steering Committee members not serving on a specific subcommittee):

Mike Dodig, Kirk Nooks, Janice Phelan, Donnie Rodgers, Dave Schoenherr, Rick Viar