LS Since 1963

The family moved to Lees Summit in the summer of 1963. My father was a manager at the Western Electric plant which had recently been constructed. I graduated from the one and only Lee’s Summit High School in May to 1964. The following summer I was privileged to participate in the 1965 Centennial celebration. I was “on the front row” as the dignitaries filled the time capsule with artifacts of the era. One item included in the time treasures was a 45′ record by the Beatles (I think it was “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”). I remember committing right then and there to be present 50 years later when that same time capsule would be unearthed. It seemed so very far off in the future – I would be 68 by then. Yikes!! Soon after that wonderful summer of 65, I joined the U.S. Air Force and served four years during the Vietnam conflict.