Memories of LS

I remember . . .
Going to the Vogue Theater to see Disney movies
Driving down Ward Road which was a narrow two lane road to go to Dr. Robinson’s veterinarian’s office on 150 Hwy. It seemed like it was way out in the country.
Hollywood Cross restaurant at 291 & 150 Hwy
Third St. and Ward Road was a four-way stop and had a cow pasture on the southwest corner.
Cruising 3rd St. from Sonic to Market Street on Friday and Saturday nights
Going to the record store on Main St. across from the depot and buying 45 rpm records and picking up weekly lists of the Top 40 songs.
Going to the Gas Co. on Douglas to pay the bill when it was located where the current VFW is today.
Eating at the Broasted Chicken restaurant in downtown.
The tire store in downtown on 3rd St.
The Sirloin Stockade restaurant at 291 Hwy and Chipman Rd.
When 3rd St. dead ended at Pryor Road.
When Chipman Road dead ended at Florence Ave.
Montgomery Wards at the Summit Shopping Center
Riding our bikes to Velvet Freeze at the Summit Shopping Center.
The public library was located in the little building on the southeast corner of Douglas and 2nd St.
The Sears store, Rexall Drug Store and Milgrams in the shopping center where Jumpin Catfish is now
Griffs Hamburgers were Shang Hi boy is now
Huphry Klinkers pizza
Browning Brothers store in downtown
Brownings (Men Clothing Store) in the Summit Shopping Center.