My Lee’s Summit

I grew up on East (not Southeast) Fourth Street…same block as the Vogue Theater, George’s Grocery, and Jack Clark’s filling station. Then the only traffic light in town was suspended over the intersection of 3rd & Douglas. My memories include walking to grade school (now LSE), junior high (6th and Miller) and attending the ONLY high school in town – our “dear old L S High.” Those things were a lifetime ago, and remembered by very few who still reside here. I haven’t yet bought into the notion that bigger is always better when it comes to city planning. I really do miss the days when we knew most of the people we encountered in town. Back then, traffic was calmer, crime rates were lower, neighbors knew one another. Progress can be measured in many ways; I suppose we have made progress in important ways such as education, shopping, recreation to name a few. I look forward to 2015 to witness the 150th birthday of our fair city.